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J&K Nyte Vu Digital Night Vision Goggles

Compact, lightweight and comfortable to wear, night vision goggles are
perfect for all your night time hands free tasks.
The latest night vision goggles are very lightweight and portable and very easy to use as well.

Nyte Vu digital night vision goggles are a revolutionary digital night vision goggle that uses the latest technology allowing you to see in total darkness. Viewing distance is over 200 feet in total darkness, and with moonlight/starlight conditions allows viewing up to 1000 feet.





bulletLight weight, comfortable head mounted goggles with adjustable strap and only weight 12 ounces.
bulletKeeps your hands free, goggles flip up to get back to natural sight.
bulletCompact, convenient and easy operation.
bulletUnlike other night vision gear ( generation I, II or III ), Nyte Vu allows you to connect additional video devices to the goggle for either displaying
( video in ) or recording ( video out ) of your view.
bulletIs not damaged by bright light or day light as traditional night vision goggles can be.
bulletThe goggle eye piece screens give a broad 22 degrees of viewing area.
bulletCCD camera is specially designed using Sony ™ imager along with non visible infrared LED lights to give leading edge night vision technology.
bulletLife size display, gives a true perspective 1 to 1 view, allowing for ease of walking with the goggles on.
bulletOn-unit volume control, brightness control and contrast control.
bulletWill fit with eyeglasses.


Nyte Vu - Day/Night Rifle Scope Accessory

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Converts any rifle scope into night vision scope

• Works with the Nyte Vu night vision goggles
•Removable miniature camera and infrared illuminator mounts to scope
• Camera looks through scope and object viewed can be recorded
• View through scope up to 300 feet in total darkness
• Use for hunting game at night
•Sighting of scope including reticle displays on Nyte Vu goggles,
no shouldering of gun necessary, can shoot around corners
• Military and Law Enforcement - attaches to any scope for pistol or rifle
• Two models available to fit either 1 inch or
30 mm scope tubes

The Nyte Vu Scope™ accessory can convert any rifle scope into a total night vision scope with a distance of over 80 yards. The specially designed camera looks down the scope; the video image is then displayed onto the Nyte Vu™ goggles. Because the camera is looking through the scope there is no need to shoulder the weapon and can be used for shooting around corners. The quick detach rail system allows the weapon to be converted with in seconds, no longer requiring a special night
vision scope or dedicated weapon to have it.

NVS1 - NVS30

Select Day Scope Tube Size:
For 1" Day Scope Tube
For 30mm Day Scope Tube


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Nyte Vu 50mm – 4 power lens

4 times magnification lens that interchanges with the lens on the Nyte Vu goggles that allows close up viewing wildlife, security, or observing at night.


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Nyte Vu Infrared Spot Light

Hand held invisible infrared rechargeable spotlight used with the Nyte Vu goggles or Nyte Vu Scope to give an amazing viewing distance of over 300 yards in total darkness. Front lens comes off to use as conventional spot light.


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Rechargeable Lithium Battery 900mah for use with either the Nyte VU or the Nyte Vu Scope. Provides 2 hours of continuous use and comes with wall charger.



Mini Pocket Digital Video Recorder (DVR), record up to 400 minutes of audio/video on this easy to operate video recorder. Use with the Nyte Vu  goggles and or the Nyte Vu Scope to record your video action. This DVR also allows you to connect to your PC via USB cord to off load your video or you can put your SD card into a card reader and view the video in Windows Media.

SD card not included.

- 30 frames per second (FPS) - 352 x 240 LOR recording

- MPEG - 4 video recording

- Time and Date stamped

- Runs  on 2 AA batteries (not included)

- size 2.5" W x 3.5" H x 1.1" D

Add 'Y' Cable:
No Y Cable
Add 'Y' Cable

RCA video "Y Adaptor" is used to connect Nyte Vu Scope and Nyte Vu Goggles to a video recorder whether a pocket Digital Video Recorder (DVR), camcorder or any device that will record video in, allows your video footage as seen on the goggles to be saved for later viewing.


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